We are currently looking for sponsors and exhibitors. If interested, please contact us at universal.village.conf@gmail.com

Conference Sponsors

Publication Sponsor:
Fujitsu R&D Center CO., LTD, www.fujitsu.com


Gold Sponsor:
Jiangsu Daway Technologies Co., LTD, www.daway.com.cn


Bronze Sponsor:
Wuxi Ascend Medical Equipment Co., LTD,   www.digiascend.com


Benefits of Sponsorship

Why Sponsor Universal Village Conferences?

What is the Universal Village Program?

The "Universal Village" represents our vision for future society, and comprises the following aspects: multi-functional multi-format communities and a new life style incorporating the ideal mixture of city and suburban areas. The program adopts a systematic top-down design approach to provide practical solutions to the challenges arising from current urbanization trends and to improve the quality of life using modern technologies.

The program will focus on promoting research on integration and interactions among different components of urbanization and the impact of sub-components on the system as a whole. The program will explore technologies that can bring true intelligence to intelligent health care, intelligent transportation, intelligent environment, intelligent energy management, the protection of the environment and to the management, and it will also study the impact of these technologies on life style, economics, and future societies.

Why should you support the First International Universal Village?

The conference is our first step to bring experts in relevant fields together so they can interact with each other and we can collaborate to come up with global optima instead of working for local optima in individual sub-fields.

By sponsoring conference events and costs, you will acknowledge the vital nature of Universal Village Program for the future society and show your support for initiating innovative approach to come up with creative practical solutions in service to global society. As a sponsor, you will have a chance to interact with cross-discipline experts in one single conference instead of multiple conferences.

Who will be speaking and why are they relevant?

International science leaders, policy makers and stakeholders from Europe, Asia, and the Americas, will be featured.

Who will participate?

A broad segment of experts in the fields of intelligent health care, intelligent transportation, intelligent environment, intelligent energy management will be giving talks and presenting posters. MIT ITRC is the founding institute of the conference while Tsinghua University and Fujitsu R&D in China will be the cohost.

Why is the conference held in China?
We chose to have our first conference in China for two reasons. The first reason is that rapid urbanization in China is raising lots of interesting questions about modern technologies and their influence on societies. The second one is that China is allocating resources to solve these challenging questions, is aware of the need to implement practical solutions, and has shown an eager willingness to address these issues.

Will this be a "green" event?
The First International Conference on Universal Village is committed to reducing the environmental impacts of a significant international event. The conference will recommend a set of best practices to sponsors, attendees and contributors to promote conservation of natural resources as well as environmental sustainability.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Deserving Participant Support Opportunities

There are many deserving students, early career scientists, under-represented minorities, and budding scientists from developing nations around the world who would benefit greatly from participating in the International Conference on Universal Village but are unable to participate because they lack the necessary financial support to travel to Beijing to be a part of the International Conference on Universal Village. Contributions for named scholarships for participation in the conference are another way to support the conference.

Contact us at universal.village.conf@gmail.com or 617-335-5192 for more information and/or to become a sponsor.